Invitees, speakers, and wranglers participated in...

  • Discussion with key business leaders and academics involved in a broad range of disciplines within big data and precision agriculture 

  • Introductory talks on agricultural big data issues and major associated technologies

  • Breakout sessions to illuminate and address specific, common, important obstacles to applying big data and potential means to overcome them

    • Objective 1: Identify five to ten common scenarios in which big data have near-term potential to directly bring major improvements in profitability and/or environmental risk mitigation in production agriculture.​

    • Objective 2: Create a prioritized list of obstacles to using big data in these scenarios.

    • Objective 3: Determine potential means to overcome all obstacles identified.

    • Objective 4: Generate a comprehensive conference report of compelling big data solutions for production agriculture.



Now available under "outcome" page...

  • Webinar recordings of most speaker presentations

  • Final draft of comprehensive conference report 

This work was supported by USDA NIFA's Agricultural Systems and Technology Program from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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